Creative LED Display

Creative LED Display


Easy Front Service Design

1.The magnet edge-on the front.
2.Magnet is appressed in the middle of module.
3.Pulling the magnet slowly, module will be apart from cabinet.
4.The same way to put the module back to the cabinet.

Hot Swappable Front Access Module and Cableless Connection

Replace faulty module from the front without the need to disconnect any cable by using only a handle magnet and while the unit is runing!
Easy future upgrade to smaller pixel pitch to prolong your investment.

lmmersive Visual Experience

Our 2.5mm pixel pitch display is truly seamless and the absence of distracting bezels empowers you to fully exploit your impactful signage content.

Awesome lmage with lntelligent Content Monitoring & Management

Engineered around ahigh-performance Internet Cyclone IV FGPA and advance DDR Flash Chip,Xposter’s Smart Module is able to deliver excellent image quality with high refresh rate,intelligent video monitor-ing and wory0-free management.

Fold-out Stand

Rest assured of its sturdy support plus the discreet tuck away neatly incorporated into the groove when not used.

Digital Poster Frame

LED Digital Signage has been engineered with latest technologies to give it a smoother, slimmer profile. It’s crafted in beautiful anodized lightweight yet durable aluminum, to make the entire poster frame weigh less than 35kg, making it more portable and easier to install.
Enjoy the privilege of watching or screening your own video, audio or pictures playlists anytime, anywhere with LED Digital Signage. Update your digital content in our powerful built-in media player via WiFi or USB. Easy-to-follow on-screen menu makes it absolutely simple to schedule your content and no complicated configuration is needed whatsoever!
You’ll love the speedy convenience of doing servicing and panel module replacements from the front with just a handle magnet. Thanks to the patented cableless technology in connecting the modules. Yet another advantage, exclusive to your LED Digital Signage.
The futuristic Smart Module ingeniously incorporated into each Xposter system is its powerhouse. Engineered around a high-performance Internet Cyclone IV FGPA capable of parallel processing, and deeper integration with MCU management tools enables the display module to be self-contained in communication and management.
LED Digital Signage pre-integrated software enables you to connect to it with a PC or Android devices from a single location via RJ45, WiFi, 3G, USB and HDMI. That makes it extremely easy to identify your display and manage settings like brightness and contrast. Play your content directly from your device be it a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Perform centralized video control and management via internet.

Portable Signage Solutions That Bring Innovation And
Versatility To Your Business Communications

Extended Mode

Extended Mode

Split and show the same video content on 2 or more iMiras simultaneously. Also known as cascade or split-screen mode.
Multi-screen Mode

Multi-screen Mode

Link maximum three iMiras together and stay connected via a router.
Mirroring Mode

Mirroring Mode

Show the contents of one iMira on the screen of another iMira simultaneously.
Stand-Alone Mode

Stand-Alone Mode

Update your digital content in our built-in media player via WiFi or USB. The built-in storagecapacity of 5GB supports almost all video and image formats. There are also HDMI input and output that allow external computer synchronization using third-party media player software.
Multi-screen Mode

Multi-screen Mode

Mira can be used as a video wall connected via HDMI cables or wirelessly. Be creative with Mirroring Mode or Extended Mode. Connect unlimited iMiras together to create video images confined only by your imagination.
Manage and Control Your Network Remotely and Globally

Manage and Control Your Network Remotely and Globally

Mira makes centralized video control and management via internet delivery workflow a reality. Cast your video remotely without the need to have an on-site controlling device or PC. Increase your efficiency by administrating and monitoring your video from the comfort of your office or home.

Configurations Can Be Customized



Pixel Pitch
Module Dimensions
Display Resolution
LED Configuration
SMD 3 in 1
Pixel Density
169344 pixsls/Panel
Display  Dimension(HxWxD)
Panel Material
Outer Frame Colour
Viewing Angle
Display Colour
Processing Depth
Refresh Rate
3600 Hz
Contrast Ratio
Operation Power
Maximum Power Consumption
Average Power Consumption
Display Mode
Asynchronous /Synchronous  System
Signal Output
Connection Type
Ethernet /WIFI
Supported VGA Mode
Supported Video Files
Operating Temperature
-10° to +50° Celsius
Operating Lifetime(50%Brightness)
100,000 Hours

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