BospIlink Control Platform

BospIlink Control Platform

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Bospilink Control Platform

The visual design, the operation is simple, intuitive, easy to use, clear at a glance.


One stop control

Easy To Operate

Easy management


Diversified playback capabilities

Video, audio, pictures, web pages, subtitles, NDI signal sources can be collected, and the materials can be arbitrarily arranged and played in the form of a program list.

Signal sources can be collected


Powerful codec engine

It can perform point-to-point smooth playback of large resolutions of 4K and 8K, easily coping with large-size resolution projects.

Powerful load capacity

A single unit supports 16 channels of 4K simultaneous playback, and multiple channels can be played in parallel without tearing.

Support one machine multi-screen management

A single computer can manage 32 screens individually, or group and manage any screens.

Support multiple pictures on one screen

You can open windows, roam, superimpose, and mix on a screen at will.

Support multi-channel NDI wired and wireless acquisition

It can collect the images of cameras, PCs, DVDs and other equipment to the server, and can manage the collected images in the form of materials.

Support webpage on screen

Web pages, data visualization pages and other network pictures can be collected, and the collected pictures can be managed in the form of materials.

Support screen rotation and material rotation

Meet the needs of LED and LCD special-shaped splicing and creative display.

Virtual screen, slice

A single material can be divided and reorganized arbitrarily, making creativity more diversified.

Support special effects processing

Geometric deformation, mask, and mirroring, splash screen, marquee, blinds, fisheye and other special effects.

Support projection fusion


Support the recording and playback of DMX512 signal

Support input and output control

Input control supports OSC and Defauit protocols, enabling peripheral devices to control the server's playback, pause and other controls through commands; supporting UDP and TCP protocols and DMX512 output command sending, realizing synchronous control of network relays, spell control, lighting and other equipment.

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