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A Simple Architecture, A Powerful Solution

With BRWall’s unique architecture you get the most visual source flexibility,
hardware simplicity, and high-performance
 processing and control.

Unlimited Video Wall Content Layout Design

Roaming, Picture in Picture, Zooming in/out, Stretching, Cropping.
Up to 255 presets management.

Seamless Matrix Switch and Multi-Group Control

One controller controls 5 different groups of video wall with independent display arlay and resolution.

Most Leading And Popular Content Types Directly Access

Input: VGA, DVI, HDMI,CVBS, DP, SDI, HDbaseT, IP-Video, Fiber optic, etc.
Output: VGA, DVI, HDMI,CVBS, SDI, HDbaseT, Fiber optic, etc.

Freely Display Any Real Time Source Through IP Network

Support H.264/H.265, RTSP, RTP.
Single LAN port support decording 16x1080P IP contents and displaying on the video wall.

Control Your System At Anytime, Anywhere, With Any Device

Support windows / iOS / web control.
Support signal preview and video wall monitoring.

Features & Benefits

Compare to old windows based controller.

10-100 times faster image processing speed

BRWall adopts FPGA crosspoint transmission technology instead of normal CPU. FPGAs contain millions of reprogrammable logic blocks that can be used to perform many actions at the same time, delivering the benefits of parallelism and concurrency. That’s why FPGA is 10-100 times faster than CPU.

High reliable and stable

Excellence, teamwork and innovative design define us, and help us provide high quality products and value added services to our potential customers. Our unrivaled philosophy marks us as an international player in the A/V industry while creating and maintaining relationships with our clients for a business feel.

Modular design, easy to maintenance and future extend

All input and output cards are hot swappable, even the power supply can be replaced during the system is running on. And our back up slots can also be used for future extend if the end user want to enlarge their video wall. No need upgrade to a new controller at all.


— AV Over IP
BRNet Series Video Wall Controller

BRNet distributed display wall system are designed to meet the imagination of innovative applications.


— BR40 Series
Video Wall Controller

- Unlimited Video Wall Content Layout Design
- Seamless Matrix Switch and Multi-Group Control
- Most Leading And Popular Content Types Directly Accessevice


— BR10 Series
Image Stitching Processor

Pure hardware structure, no operating system, and a hybrid card type intelligent image splicing processor.
It can display kinds of dynamic pictures on multiple screens to realize the function of multi-window splicing.
The highest single output Support 1920X1200@60Hz.

— LED Video Wall
- Brilliant, In Fine Pitch.
— LCD Video Wall
- Ultra Narrow Bezel.
— Windows / iOS / Web Control
More Power, More Performance, More Pro.
Synchronization Control.
Free, user-friendly, high performance video wall management software which is MS windows based and provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your video wall locally or remotely through IP network.
Free and user-friendly ios app. It can be easily downloaded free from Apple App store and provides users with the interface needed to quickly and effectively manage video walls of any size in real-time.
Free and user-friendly web-based software. It allows users to control the BRWall-based controller from anywhere through any popular web browseres by using an off the shelf PC/Server with IP network.
Synchronizes control video wall stutas from all controllers in the specific network and has its own database. It allows users to control same system either by PC, iPad or Web browser at the same time.

Empowering Businesses Around the World

Our core value is Service, responsiveness, and quality. This is why people love us.

1. How do you think of our product ?
In our side, we thougt the products from Brwall are excatly meet our needs , price are competitive and performanance are reliability.

2. What do you like best ?
After Service and quality. When ever we contact BRWwall for techinial support, they will be at the first time to back and assist us. This is the first China company i met with so quick action and best after service experience!!!

3. What problem are you solving with product etc.
LCD, LED video wall with one video wall controller, save space and cost.
1. How do you think of our product ?
BRWALL products are fair price , not best price but if think about quality and service I think all price you quote is fair enough.

2. What do you like best ?
After service

3. What problem are you solving with product etc.
I don't really get this question, but I need BRWALL to improve about software , user freindly, make it more easy to use, even user who got no experience before use. no need technican knowledge.
1. how do you think of our product ?
We like your product, but sometime there is some bug for software, Scules has communicated lot of times.

2. What do you like best ?
Wall controller is best.

3. What problem are you solving with product etc.
LED product quatlity should be settled.
1. What do you think of BRWall?
BRWall is a great partner of Reouel Group, the company provides excellent video wall and Led solutions and one of the greatest and professional companies in China.

2. What do you like best?
The loyalty, the professional feedback and immediate response to all things needed.

3. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We realized that BRWall video wall controller is quick, easy to operate and full flexible to the needs in control rooms. The products are highly standards.
1.What do you think of BRWall?
I think BRWall is a reliable company which develop solutions for our mainly needs. BRWall its breaking the stereotype that says "if is Chinese made, then doesnt work o it has bad quality" we see BRWall as a big company who knows how to make safe and trustiness with the clients like us.

2.What do you like best?
Firstly we enjoy BRWall products cause are easy to use and we like the most that the products has a lot of functionalities. We like the relation between BRWall sales manager like Sammi Zhang, cause she is very worried about all our needs, the answers are fast, when we need some support shes is looking how to do it and we appreciate that BRWall lets walk with us, side by side to develop the Mexican market, we feel very supported by BRWall team.

3. Recommendations to others considering the product:
So far the products has Good price and robust functionalities, we think BRWall can work for small and critics environments. We recommend to use BRWall products cause they are easy to use, are affordable, and reliable.

4.What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Of collaboration between the different operators in command centers, that means the operation its better than before, Also, with BRWall we are increasing the operation levels cause his easy to use and advance functions. We are improving the commands centers with technologies that allow us to share info simply and into secure way.
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