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At BRWall, we seek individuals who can generate groundbreaking and innovative ideas that will influence the trends of tomorrow and who can overcome a crisis with high levels of commitment and creativity.
Global Competence
Global Competence
At BRWall, we invite individuals with high level of global communication skills and acceptance of diverse culture to achieve global leadership in the industry.
Ethical Conduct
Ethical Conduct
At BRWall, we invite individuals with pioneering spirit who explore uncharted territory and lead changes and who do not fear failure.
At BRWall, we seek individuals who create values based on expertise and knowledge, and identify customers’ need and expand the market territory technical advancement.

Life at BRWall

BRWall is founded on a simple philosophy – that the endless pursuit of excellence will create a better world for all.
Here are the five key values that drive everything we do, and how we do it.

Human experience

Our basic principle is that a company is its people. We’re guided by our desire to create an environment where individuals can flourish and achieve the impossible.

Progressive innovation

We welcome and anticipate the future, greeting change with agility and creativity. Constant innovation is our key to strength and success.


Operating ethically is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass of fairness, respect and openness.

Social betterment

As an upstanding corporate citizen, we embrace the pursuit of co-prosperity with our communities and global neighbors, to which diversity and inclusion are central.

Learning opportunities

Our development initiatives enable us to build new skills, further our potential in our roles and
shape the direction of our careers through a learning approach that synchronizes education
with real-world experience.

Industry & Market

Individuals in our Sales and Marketing roles are invited to participate in digital bootcamp, sales and marketing academies, product trainings and more.

Leadership & Culture

Our future leaders are empowered to grow with fully supported leadership and cultural development experiences from day one.

Functional & Role

Immersive workshops and digital learning across disciplines provide endless opportunities to master project management, data and analytics and presentation skills.

Job Description

Learn about the many jobs available at BRWall.

R & D

Research development activities at the product development stage and
Direct/indirect engineering job process for the improvement of yield rate, features, quality, operation, material, process and system.
Panel Developmen
Design and implement display structure and optimize process to ensure characteristics and reliability.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Material Science/Metallurgy, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Textile/Polymer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics
Operation Development
Development of components and electric circuits for display operation and enhancement of product characteristics via the assessment and optimization of electrical properties.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Physics
Facility Development
Development of cutting-edge facilities for display manufacturing and development of hardware and software technologies to materialize the Smart Factory.
Mechanical, Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware) Physics
Material Research
Synthesis of organic and inorganic materials and reliability assessment/analysis to improve product performance and durability.
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Material Science/Metallurgy, Textile/Polymer Engineering, Physics
Process Development
Development, inspection, measurement and analysis of element technology for each process to optimize display manufacturing process and stabilize yields.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Material Science/Metallurgy, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Textile/Polymer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics


Development of efficient system, maintenance work, pre-design interpretation and Simulation by modeling based on the system.
System Software
Development/operation of systems and software to implement the Smart Factory.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Data Processing/Computer, Physics, Mathematics

Facility Engineering

Facilities engineering including technical activities and measuring/analysis for improvement, maintenance, other technical works through facility(production infra) and utility operation and measuring/calibration.
Facility Technology
Facility performance improvement, error handling, maintenance, designing of facility conditions, development of control technology and technical support for automated facility production to improve product quality and productivity.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Material Science/ Metallurgy, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics
Infrastructure Technology
Stable provision of gas, chemicals and electricity to business places in Korea and overseas, and maintenance and management of related facilities.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics

Sales Marketing

Attracting customers for sales activities in domestic and overseas markets and other sales operation for product supply.
Manage customers, secure order volume, and manage mass production volume and price.
No preferred major
Demand forecast/analysis, development of marketing strategies and profitability management.
No preferred major

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