— LED Display
Vacuum Front Maintenance Tool

L*W*H: 148*125*150MM
Suction cup size: 148*125MM
Applicable module size: all indoor serious led display module

1.The magnet edge-on the front.
2.Magnet is appressed in the middle of module.
3.Pulling the magnet slowly, module will be apart from cabinet.
4.The same way to put the module back to the cabinet.

Size And Weight

Small size, light weight, easy to carry

Longer Motor Life

Unique air duct design for better heat dissipation and longer motor life

Safer Work At Height

User-friendly of backpack design, safer work at height

Easy To Use

Excellent ergonomic design for easier use

Unique Limit Design

Unique limit design prevents PCB warp and light falling off

Solve Temporarily Out of Power

Support for using while charging, solve temporarily out of power

More Models

Vacuum valve design for more models

Protect Module Security

Unique anti-static design to protect module security

More Universal

Suitable for all series of modules,more universal


Charger charging voltage 100-240V    
Charger output voltage 25.2V    
Lithium battery energy 42Wh    
Maximum continuous charging current 1.0C5A    
Continuous discharge duration 18MIN(This data is laboratory data, change according to the use environment, data will fluctuate)    
Standby power consumption 10uA    
Working environment -20-45℃ 15%-85%RH    
Operating Temperature -10℃-45℃    

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