BRNet IP Based
Video Wall Controller

BRNet series visualized IP based system is truly distributed, serverless, decentralized, and innovatively visualize the control of video, audio, and environment, allowing users to achieved what they see what they get, greatly reducing the misoperation rate of users and improving the system availability and reliability.


System Introduction

BRNet widely used in command and control centers, emergency dispatch centers, large conference rooms, radio and television media control centers, integrated media exhibition centers, exhibition halls, and demonstration centers etc., It covers the functions of the matrix system, central control system, splicing system, video conference system, KVM system, and IP surveillance system, aims to solve the four core problems in audio and video applications: transmission, exchange, processing and management.

BRNet adopts a purely distributed architecture, multiple signal sources, multiple display terminals with good scalability. Videos can be switched through the switcher to connect to the network equipment, and realize multi-screen splicing, split-screen display, KVM seat management, audio transmission and many other functions.

BRNet innovatively visualizes the control of the video and audio environment, allowing users to achieve what they see is what they get, which greatly reduces the user's misoperation rate and improves the usability and reliability of the system.

Unique Advantage

System-level refined management

Port-level management; Refined user access control; Image status monitoring; UI interactive flexible design.

Platform integration

Convergence of information on multiple platforms; Fast docking with third-party platforms; Open API and top-level system integration.

Visualization operation experience

Video source, display, scene visualization; Volume , switching visualization; Intelligent scene preset, one-key switch.

Platform-level unified control

Cross-network, multi-level, multi-screen linkage, networked overall management and control; Distributed access of various types of signals such as audio, video, network, and data, and unified dispatch; Environmental control, intelligent linkage management of peripheral devices; Monitoring decoding, recording and broadcasting storage, ultra-high-resolution graphics visualization.

Exchange collaboration

Multi-screen partition management, simultaneous scheduling of multiple people; Signal decentralized, hierarchical authority collaboration; Network KVM multi-player and multi-machine collaborative management; Desktop sharing, collaborative annotation, file distribution.

Pure distributed architecture, "blockchain technology" without a central server, distributed processing, High stability, partial failure, no impact on the overall situation.

System Feature

Full distributed architecture , dual channel redundancy

BRNet adopts a fully distributed architecture, each node works independently, eliminating the performance shortcomings of centralized processing. Any node failure has no effect on other nodes. Supports dual-link redundancy backup. When the network fails, it can automatically switch to backup in a very short time, the system continues to run without human intervention, ensuring reliability and stability.

Unlimited number of signal sources, arbitrary layout.

Each video source window of the BRNet can be opened wirelessly on a large screen interconnected through the XXX network, zooming and roaming freely, truly realizing the entire network visualization and arbitrary sharing of video, meeting the interconnection needs of multiple locations and multiple screens.

Flexible authority management, multi-user synchronization control

BRNet allows multiple users to perform online management operations at the same time, and supports hierarchical management of user permissions, which can be refined to the permissions of each signal source and screen, and fully meet the needs of multi-level management in partitions.

Support all types of video signal access, support 4K extremely high definition resolution

BRNet provides fast cloud access to video images such as VGA/DVI/HDMI/component/CVBS/3G-SDI/4K, which can perfectly support UHD 4K ultra-clear input and output, with a resolution of up to 3840x2160@60Hz. It supports real-time array acquisition of multi-screen output devices and on-screen display of ultra-high-resolution images, suitable for applications such as ultra-high-resolution GIS, SDADA, big data visualization, and high-resolution display.

High image quality, low bandwidth, massive access

BRNet visualized distributed system adopts the H.264/H.265 High Profile coding standard, which controls the occupied bandwidth to 1/100 of the original image, and is more suitable for the internal deployment and transmission of a large-scale network with a multi-level switching structure, and suitable for large-scale System or remote interconnection useing.

What you see is what you get

Let the user see through the visual operation of video, audio and environment , to achieve What you see is what you get, making the system easier to use and more reliable.

Safe, stable and reliable

BRNet can realize the operation management, safety management, status management, redundant backup of the entire system, and can be seamlessly connected with third-party products to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the entire system.

Multi-element pre-setting, one-key scene call

BRNet supports the flexible combination of large-screen windows, base map, running text and other display elements, and customizes plans according to different application scenarios. All scenarios can be quickly recalled with one click.

Customized Function

It supports custom interface styles based on personal or corporate styles, as well as customized functions based on project site conditions, and personalized experience on demand.

Precise synchronization control

The BRNet visualization adopts precise algorithm automatic synchronization calibration technology, the synchronization error control between screens is within 100ms, and there is no screen tearing on all kinds of splicing screens, and it truly achieves the display effect like a complete screen.

Remote KVM collaborative control

BRNet integrates the remote KVM function. The operator can take over any host connected to the KVM function of the BRNet distributed media management and control platform through a set of keyboard and mouse at the workstation, enabling one person to control multiple machines, video push, and easily achive video Sharing and strengthening mutual cooperation.

Built-in control interface, one machine with multiple functions, simplifying system configuration

BRNet can directly control the peripherals of the large screen, audio and  lighting system to achieve comprehensive networked cloud management.
Distributed deployment enables the implementation of multi-system integration management to greatly reduce the use of central control equipment and simplify the system.


Distributed Application Topology

BRNet realizes visual control of video, audio, and environment under one platform, which is convenient for users. What you see is what you get. It can be applied to a single venue or multiple venues to realize intelligent control and visual interaction of the whole system .

KVM Control Application Topology

The BRNet KVM management and control system provides a management mechanism of one machine with multiple screens and one person with multiple machines. It realizes the operation of a single seat on multiple displays, and a single seat on multiple hosts. The seat personnel can push audio and video signals through the mouse or shortcut keys. To the large screen, you can also roam, zoom, etc. for the large screen signal; you can also set different permissions for different users and large screens through user rights management to achieve coordinated management of different groups in a hierarchical manner.



Public Security Police

Financial Services

Power Dispatching

Command Room

Broadcasting Station  

Traffic and transportation

Mobile Communication

Public Security

Government management



Input Node Type DVI, HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0    
Output Node Type DVI, HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0    
Resolution Up to 3840x2160@60 and backward compatible with common resolutions    
Audio Support audio + video synchronization and separate to the screen    
Interface 3.5mm in/out, RJ45, POE, SFP, RS232, IO, USB, IR etc.    
Power Supply POE /12DC dual backup power supply, current ≤1A    
Consumption ≤10W    
Operating Temperature -10℃-45℃    
Working Humidity 10%-90% non-condensing    
Life 100000H    

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