— Fiber Optic Cable

This is the best solution currently on the market for long-distance HDMI transmission.HDMI supports maximum data transfer rate of 3.4 Gbps. It is light, flexible, and has a small bending radius (52mm).The longest distance is up to 100m~150m. Plug and play, without extra power supply.

— Features

Transmission can be up to 100m above.
The number of meters per customer is provided.
Low power consumption: 250mW (Max).
No external power supply (transformer) required.
HDMI’s maximum data transfer rate is 3.4 Gbps/channel.
The total bandwidth reaches 10.2Gbps.
No additional Settings are required.
High-speed fiber and copper cable.
Light, elastic, and small bending radius (52mm).

— Application

Family theatre.
Conference room.
Medical imaging equipment display connection.
Blu-ray, 3D images, Projector, Set-top Boxes, DVR, Video Games and Computers.
Security control system.
LED Indicates a version.
Field screen display, Large – scale display board, Advertising board.

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