Why Become a BRWall Partner?
BRWall will be powerful solution for next generation video wall products and win you lots of new business.
— Compare to old windows based controller
10-100 times faster image processing speed
BRWall adopts FPGA crosspoint transmission technology instead of normal CPU. Even the largest Intel CPUs have only 18 cores, but FPGAs contain millions of reprogrammable logic blocks that can be used to perform many actions at the same time, delivering the benefits of parallelism and concurrency. That’s why FPGA is 10-100 times faster than CPU.
High reliable and stable
Excellence, teamwork and innovative design define us, and help us provide high quality products and value added services to our potential customers. Our unrivaled philosophy marks us as an international player in the A/V industry while creating and maintaining relationships with our clients for a business feel.
Hot-Swappable Modular design, easy to maintenance and future extend
With old windows based controller, if some parts have problem, you have to shut down all system and replace the problem parts. This could be a terrible headache in some complicated control room projects. But due to our hot-swappable modular design, all input and output cards are hot swappable, even the power supply can be replaced during the system is running on. And our back up slots can also be used for future extend if the end user want to enlarge their video wall. No need upgrade to a new controller at all.
— In addition, BRWall is also a feature rich and user friendly video wall solution.
Unlimited Video Wall Content Layout Design
Roaming, Picture in Picture, Zooming in/out, Stretching, Cropping.
Opening at least 4 windows on single display.
Up to 255 presets management.
Seamless Matrix Switch and Multi-Group Control
One controller controls 5 different groups of video wall with independent display arlay and resolution.
Each content windows on the video wall can be seamlessly switched without affecting others.
Most Leading And Popular Content Types Directly Access
Support 4k@60Hz HDMI/DP/Dual-link DVI input and 4k@60Hz HDMI output.

Input:VGA, DVI, HDMI,CVBS, DP, SDI, HDbaseT, IP-Video, Fiber optic, etc.

Output:VGA, DVI, HDMI,CVBS, SDI, HDbaseT, Fiber optic, etc.
Input card
Output card
Freely Display Any Real Time Source Through IP Network
Support desktop streaming.
Support H.264/H.265, RTSP, RTP.
Single LAN port support decording 16x1080P IP contents and displaying on the video wall.
Control Your System At Anytime, Anywhere, With Any Device
Support windows / iOS / web control.
Support signal preview and video wall monitoring.
Support KVM control remote content servers through network, no additional hardware required.
Start from 2003, BRWall products have been already serving many representative projects in China and all over the world, Such as
— How we cooperate?
Qualified Leads distribution
Through BRWall global marketing system, we collect all qualified leads with necessary information and transfer to our local partners within 30 mins in order to help you catch up every fresh potential business.
Comprehensive Partner training
BRWall comprehensive training system make sure you will get all features and sales points about our products and we will share all our project experiences with free project design and consultant service to be the most powerful support behind you.
Special Account Manager
Special Account Manager to work with you, understand your business and help you win new opportunites.
Sign up now for a 30 mins personalized online introduction to our partner program. We will answer all your questions and get how BRWall can be a strategic support and a key partnership to help you sell more in the year ahead.