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What will be covered?
1. What we can do and why stand out?

2. How to design a video wall with BRWall video wall controller?

3. Why we help you to win more business from intense competitions?

BR Sereis
Video Wall Controller Introduction

BRWall's pure hard based video wall controller is becoming the world's leading pioneer in the area of visualization and adio-visual resource management.  High availabilty & reliability & modular design & Hot Swappable & robustness & powerful processing & 4K etc. are the main features of BRwall's video wall controller.

BR Series Software Introduction

Signal Preview And Echo Demo

Poll Scene Demo

Copy Signal Demo

ipad Control Software Demo

Seamless Switching Demo

Soft KVM Demo

Output Synchronization Demo

Web Control Demo

Window Positioning Demo

Matrix Demo

Multiuser Management Demo

Synchronous Multiple Control Demo

Timing Task Deomo

EDID Edit Demo